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Mood / Behavior
Understanding the underlying cause behind a mood or behavior disorder can make a huge impact when treating it. For those in the Massachusetts areas of Methuen and Malden, Delta 9 Medical Consulting provides information about mind-body alternative medicine, such as medical marijuana, that may help alleviate symptoms related to mood and behavior issues.

Mood / Behavior Q & A

When would medical marijuana be used for mood and behavior disorders?

Patients report that cannabis helps them be able to work, eat, sleep, reduce hostility, improve relationships and have fun again in conditions such as PTSD, depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, panic attacks, and chronic fatigue.  Patients report that medical marijuana produces a feeling of euphoria, reduced stress, relaxation, increased energy, and focus, increased appetite that helps maintain a patient’s weight, reduces levels of anxiety, and even provides sexual enhancement.  However, the overwhelming view from those in traditional medicine is that no benefits can be found with medical marijuana and that in some individuals it makes things worse. For that reason, we ask you to look at the following sites before considering medical marijuana to aid in the treatment of psychiatric disorders -


Delta 9 Medical Consulting cannot recommend medical marijuana as a prescription drug – this would be against state and federal law at present. The goal at Delta 9 Medical Consulting is to provide information about medical marijuana, or other therapies that may help your medical condition and allow patients to make an informed decision to become certified by the State of MA, should they wish to use medical marijuana for treatment.

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