Chronic Pain

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Chronic Pain
Chronic pain can often be debilitating and difficult to manage. Delta 9 Medical Consulting offers patients instruction on how to go the natural route with medical marijuana for pain management. Patients in the Methuen and Malden area are encouraged to visit the offices and learn more.

Chronic Pain Q & A

What is chronic pain?

Pain is your body’s way of letting you know something isn’t working the way it is supposed to be. Chronic pain is when the pain fails to subside, and the signals of pain remain active in the nervous system for months or even years. This can take both a physical and emotional toll on a person. The causes of chronic pain can come from many different sources including disease or injury. Common sources of pain most often stem from headaches, joint pain, pain from injury, and backaches. Other kinds of pain that can become chronic include tendinitis, sinus pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and generalized muscle or nerve pain.

How does medical marijuana aid in pain management?

Patients report that medical marijuana allows a reduction in opiate use for chronic pain.  Patients report that medical marijuana decreases pain, inflammation and increases the range of motion in conditions such as musculoskeletal and neuropathic pain in fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, spinal disorders, complex regional pain syndrome, and other ailments. For more information:


Delta 9 Medical Consulting cannot recommend medical marijuana as a prescription drug – this would be against state and federal law at the present time. The goal at Delta 9 Medical Consulting is to provide information about medical marijuana, or other therapies that may help your medical condition and allow patients to make an informed decision to become certified by the State of MA, should they wish to use medical marijuana for treatment.

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