Steps to Certification

Five Step process to getting certified by Delta 9 Medical Consulting

1.  Contact us by phone or by emailing us at – provide us with your contact information.

2.  Ideally we would like your medical records that include a medical problem list FROM THE LAST 12 MONTHS. Fax them to our office. If needed, here is a medical release form to provide your doctors so they can fax us your records FROM THE LAST 12 MONTHS (we do not need to kill more trees than needed). In most cases, just the problem list is needed, so get that first. If we need more, we will let you know.  We can do an evaluation without your old records and we can request them at the time of your visit – dependent on the condition – CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS!

3.  We will evaluate your record and let you know if you qualify – before you come into the office.

4.  You then pay for your visit with the assurance that you will leave with your certificate and we will book you for a visit. Please complete the forms in the link below to bring with you to the office. If you plan to fill them out in the office, please be sure to come early to do so. You may also pick them up in advance and complete them.

Pre-visit and Consent Forms : English forms or Spanish forms

5.  You come to our office with your ID and are given a full consult that involves History and Physical (Fully Clothed), assessment of your medical condition and recommendations on how medical marijuana can best be used to treat your condition effectively. You then go home and complete the registration requirements of Massachusetts so they can certify your use of medical marijuana. Follow up visits are at intervals determined by your medical marijuana physician – normally every six months – opioid reduction therapy is one example where the intervals may be more frequent.  You can always request more frequent visits if you feel it is required – however patient request for longer intervals will not be entertained.

MA State Requirements

A debilitating condition as determined by a physician.

Delta 9 Medical Consulting© Requirements

We do require proof of current MA residency.  You will need a valid photo ID: examples include – Driver Lic, Passport, State Identity card.

Information required for your visit from your Primary Care doctor or Specialist is indicated on this form, which you can take to their office.

Before coming in you will need to complete a patient questionnaire that provides your input about your current health status – print and complete it. We will attempt to go over the questioner before you come to see us, so we already know you before you come in the door. If you are unable to do this prior to your visit it can be done at the time of the evaluation but your visit will be longer and other patients that have completed documents will be seen first.

Age 17 and below – this is a problem area for Massachusetts.

It is evolving – best to call or write us of the current status.

Below you will find links to the forms that must be completed and brought with you to your visit.  If you plan to fill them out in the office, please be sure to come early to do so. You may also pick them up in advance and complete them.

Pre-visit and Consent Forms

General Medical Records Release


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