Cooking Medical Marijuana with Kim

Right the 1st Time

We are now offering you a chance to learn in your own kitchen with your own equipment. We know many folks try this a time or two and have bad or marginal results - “tasted awful”, “wasted good herb” or “too strong”, “too weak” and a host of others issues. Some buy from dispensaries at $12 bucks a cookie – that’s just not reasonable. Delta 9 Medical Consulting has heard the message – books – YouTube – webinars are not enough!

At the same time we know many of our patients have been encouraged to incorporate edible medical marijuana into their lives as a way of treating their illness. We are happy to announce that we now have Kim, a top of the line consultant that will bring her 20 plus years of cooking experience into your home.

Gastronomic / Topical Cannabis


Over the past 30 years while living around the country and spending a significant amount of time in the Golden State, coupled with her background in medical / laboratory science along with formal training in the culinary arts and an appreciation for medical marijuana as a useful medication – we were lucky enough to have Kim join the team at Delta 9 Medical Consulting.


Some folks require all the tools in the world to do a task – others use their innate talent with limited tools to accomplish the same task.  Kim is one of those individuals who can show you how to get maximal results with limited equipment if that is what is needed. Of course she is just as comfortable in a full gourmet kitchen handling a full staff!

MMJ Knowledge

One word comes to mind “Outstanding”!  Her diverse background includes dispensary work where she was the sole person responsable for the evaluation of herb that was brought into the organization – she knows quality, safety and price often in a matter of seconds.
She is largely self taught over much of her life – but has attended Oaksterdam University and learned gardening under the direct supervision of Ed Rosenthal.

D9 Connection

Often people reach out to us to help others who are new to MMJ – unfortunately the majority are only looking to profit and offer very little in terms of help.  But a few do function as real volunteers, going to strangers home and helping them with this new medication – and expect nothing in return.

Always looking to work with like-minded individuals who adhere to high standards, fairness and respect, over the past year a solid foundation of trust was built between the team at D9MC and Ms. Kim – you should take advantage of it while you can.


  • You are provided a list of needed ingredients; you provide the medical marijuana.  Let us know in advance what you want to learn and tell us about any ALLERGIES you have.  We then design an individualized session to meet your request.
  • Content of your session may include:
    • Canna Butter: Oil, Coconut Oil, Coconut Butter, Regular Butter, Potency Enhancers, Stovetop, Magical Butter MachineTM
    • Topicals: Lip Balms, Foot Creams, Hand Sauves, Suitable Herbs, Potency Enhancers, Ingredients to get started
    • Tintures: Herb Selection, Herb Prep, Ingredients to get started, Methods
    • Hard Candy: Herb Selection, Herb Prep, Ingredients to get started right
  • Cost - $150 for 2 hours – each additional 30min is $20.00.  Class is limited to 3 patients / caregivers – all participants must have a medical certification. 
  • Payment is through Delta 9 Medical Consulting.
  • 20 mi Radius from Methuen, MA is included in your price.

Contact Information

Phone - Please call our main office number

Text Messages - Please include your name and interest: 970.335.8290


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